bariatric bed

Bariatric beds TITAN are designed for intensive care and standard care units. Beds are equipped with above-standard functions which enable comfort care for bariatric clients.

Intensive care bed

VISION beds are designed for above-standard hospital care. CCU and ICU bed with the possibility of configuration. VISION allows you to perform X-ray examinations of patients directly in bed.


Transport trolleys

Transport stretcher URGENT is designed for quick and safe transport of patients in healthcare facilities.

Shower bed

Shower bed with hydraulic lifting of the
oading surface, ne-piece loading surface
with ongitudinal drainage channels,
ushion and folding barriers.

Intensive care bed

INVENT beds are designed for premium hospital care and specialized intensive care units. The bed is fully electrically adjustable by electric motors.


Nursing bed

GRANO beds are designed for clients of care facilities, such as homes for the elderly, hospices, retirement homes and hospital wards with higher demands on comfort and functionality.

Intensive care bed

VISION beds are designed for premium hospital care, especially for resuscitation departments and specialized intensive care units where the ability to perform X-ray examination of patients on the bed is desired.

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