PROMA REHA increases a comfort for obese patients


In the Czech Republic the number of patients with extreme obesity is rapidly increasing, therefore we adapt our products to their specific needs. When developing products, we draw primarily from practical knowledge and experience of experts from the field  of obesitology and bariatric surgery. We work closely primarily with OB Clinic, top workplace for the treatment of obesity and related diseases. As you can see in the Czech TV report, our products help daily in hospitals and in specialized facilities.

Perhaps the greatest achievement records the TITAN - unique bed with a load capacity of up to 500 kg. The uniqueness of this bed lies in the combination of several properties and special features which minimize the necessity to transfer the patient, allow his safe transportation and significantly reduce the physical strain of medical staff. TITAN bed is not the only equipment that helps people who are overweight. Sometimes even a single step can be a problem for obese patients. Therefore, a number of obesitological departments are equipped with a special wide-walker which is also part of the product portfolio of PROMA REHA.

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