We have released production capacities for the Czech market. Bed distribution can begin immediately

16. 10. 2020

The family company PROMA REHA from Česká Skalice in the Náchod region is ready to increase the production of beds for the Czech healthcare system due to coronavirus . The company already has a production line 120 percent busy. The leading foreign order was also suspended, so now the company is able to increase the production of much-needed medical beds for patients with COVID-19. 

On Friday, the company's CEO Radek Jakubský negotiated with the Czech ambassador to Hungary on the suspension and postponement of the order for 500 beds for the local market. Although this is the largest foreign order of the PROMA REHA company this year, the company preferred deliveries to Czech medical facilities in the given situation.  

"The Ambassador has joined forces with the Hungarian Minister of Health, who has been very accommodating in this regard, for which he deserves a big thank you. Thanks to this, we are able to supply the Czech market immediately, and thus help the Czech healthcare system, ” adds Radek Jakubský.   

In the plant in Meziměstí in the Náchod region, it produces about 300 beds a week. Already this Saturday, October 17, the company can supply several dozen beds to the hospitals that need them the most.