Although we go 120%, but we can also add. We supply home and abroad.

22. 10. 2020

In the past, the company was one of the first fully electrically adjustable medical beds in the then Czechoslovakia. He is currently attracting attention by changing his business plan its deployment in the fight against Covid-19. For stat now manufactures hundreds of beds and goes to the maximum. And how long will this deployment take? As long as it takes, the answer is.

PROMA REHA has been operating since the end of October which has been producing since 1990 on 30 basic types of medical beds, on the contract for the Administration of State Material reserve. The production plant in Meziměstí must do so produce almost 400 beds for state . Manufacturing the line currently runs at 120 percent.

"Today we handed over the first 124 beds and on others beds our employees work as hard as possible,”  the CEO assured last October Radek Jakubsky.

Armament for the first line

The company actively participated in this way to combat the coronavirus pandemic. The goal of the engagement is to arm the "first line" for conflict with the infection and to prevent potential collapse of the domestic healthcare. That's why PROMA REHA is ready respond to URGENT DEMAND beds for any other planned field hospital, of which is the last time call.

"The Czech market needs our help. The situation is serious. If necessary we are ready to increase production capacity, produce hundreds more beds for patients with coronavirus and deliver them to other hospitals,”  Jakubsky said.

The domestic market is essential for the company. "More than turnover is important to us about us he begins to speak elsewhere than among experts. So that in the Czech Republic PROMA REHA and its top products that are in global competition easily enforced,”  added Jakubsky.

Due to the state of emergency the company's management it even suspended part of the contract for hundreds beds for the Hungarian market which was supposed to be one of the biggest this years foreign order.

Global player

PROMA REHA started first in the post-communist countries produce fully electrically adjustable beds. Hundreds of annual cannon turnover million crowns. A family business that is important employer at a distance region near the Czech- Polish border exports in many countries. Recently the enterprise it even succeeded in a significant way to enforce challenging Hungary health market, although the original plans changed by the health and economic crisis. Except for the region of Central and Eastern Europe PROMA REHA deliver products into Scandinavia, Eastern Europe outside the EU ( especially Russia), northern Africa or to the Middle east. "Behind these expansions is hard work, quality products and excellent service but also professional team of experienced business representatives who are fully acquainted with the environment, they know their clients and their needs," emphasizes Radek Jakubsky.

180 Employees / 11 million EUR turnover / 30 thousand items per year / 70 countries in the world


1990 Established companies, first walker U-1

2008 Certification and registration products for Exports to the Middle east, delivery to the UAE

2010 Company of the Year - 3rd place plus certification of products for export to Russia

2011 Delivered 1000 beds to Iraq

1991 The first electrically adjustable bed in the post-communist Europe

1994 Certification beds in SZU Brno, the first in the Czech Republic

1996 VZP (Health Insurance Company) began to pay in full company products PROMA REHA

However PROMA REHA also went through a crisis and other pitfalls. Trough all of this Family Jakubsky never gave up. The owner is still trying push the company somewhere forward. In recent years the company has grown dynamically into a stable strong one technically and professionally advanced society. "Thanks to that, today we are one of the world's leader in the production of medical beds," sais Jakubsky.

Innovation is green

From the very rediscovery is PROMA REHA trying to go with the modern times. The recent victory is also proof in the Visionaries competition when their specialists won awarded for The unique system of controlling hygiene hospital beds through the use of RFID chips. In the same time period operates nearly ten percent of employees in research and development.
Innovation and development of technological innovations, which will provide comfort to both patients and medical staff, they always have an abbreviation green. That's why the company is constantly investing to technology, to equipment but also into its development. A team of developers around the clock works on modern solution, for example on sophisticated fully electrified controlled beds.

"We are trying to get medical staff to free their hands so they can control the bed using the foot pedals which is an invaluable advantage in patient work. We emphasize ergonomics and intuitiveness control,” explains Radek Jakubsky.
The discovery of new possibilities and leads pandemic. Employees try to stay in touch with customers with the help of modern communication technology. Their use again helps the company to gain a very important return binding. The goal is also to involve new ones clients to develop other products.

2016 1st place in the category Territory exporter in the Export Award competition DHL UniCredit

2012 Start of the product line new bariatric products , start cooperation with CTU

2018 Awarded in the project Visionaries 2018 for use RFID chips in the system of controlling hygiene of hospital beds

2020 Order for SSHR, contract to Hungary for 60 million crowns, takeover of the company the son of the founder Radek Jakubsky