PROMA REHA brings innovative range of examination couches and shower trolleys.  Couches are characterized by simple use, long life, low maintenance and ease of cleaning. Several types of examination couches allow you to choose the optimal variant suitable for general practitioners and specialists, hospitals, spas and rehabilitation facilities. With the option of design with a hole for the face it also finds its application in physiotherapy. By choosing from a wide range of color paints and designs of medical leatherettes you can customize the couch to your liking.At the same time we introduce a new range of shower trolleys, providing a high standard of comfortable and safe personal hygiene care of patients with reduced mobility and immobile patients. Shower trolleys are ideal for use in hospitals, residential institutions and homes for the elderly.

Examination couches

In this section you can find examination couches, which are intended for examination of patients at admissions or in ordinations.

Shower couches

The shower couch is intended to be used for personal hygiene of immobile patients. It enables fast and easy showering along with comfort of bathing. Couch is equipped with special positions such…
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