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VISION beds are designed for premium hospital care, especially for resuscitation departments and specialized intensive care units where the ability to perform X-ray examination of patients on the bed is desired. The design of the mattress platform allows continuous screening by C-arm or conventional X-ray with X-ray cassettes. The bed is fully electrically adjustable by electric motors. Users and hospital staff will appreciate the material and technical processing, ease of handling, convenient and intuitive controls, variety of pre-programmed functions and the option of a completely new control panel with colour graphic LCD display. Another no less important advantage is the possibility of configuration and maximum customization of the bed according to individual departments. Beds including a wide range of accessories fully comply with the European standard IEC 60601-2-52:2010. ICU bed

Electrical adjusting of back part
Electrical adjusting of femoral part
Electrical adjusting of calf part
Electrical cardiac chair
Electrical extension of mattress platform
Electrical height adjusting
Electrical Trendelenburg/Antitrendelenburg
Mechanical CPR
X-Ray of back part
C-Arm screen
Lateral tilt
Lateral rotation therapy
Scale system
Safe working load 300 Kg
Ansuitable for washing systems


They gives us intuitive one hand operation of the bed. The controls are conveniently located in the center of the back part side rails and are available to the patient in all positions of the mattress platform. The controls are equipped with an activation button against accidental activation of contained functions.


Safety against interception or wedging of individual body parts of the patient is achieved by fulfilling the European standard IEC 60601-2-52:2010. All PROMA REHA beds achieve complete elimination of pinch points and minimization of gaps within reach of the patient. Raised side rails also protect the patient from falling out of the bed even when using tall active anti-decubitus mattresses.


Using CPR lever will ensure safe and quick adjusting of the back part of the mattress platform into the most advantageous position for immediate cardiopulmonary resuscitation.


To safely exit the bed at night, the bed can be equipped with LED illumination of the lower chassis. The light comes on automatically in the lowest position of the bed, or it can be activated by the patient using the hand controller. Backlight ensures better patient orientation which helps him to stand up safely.


Robust and safe system of the boards mounting protects against accidental pulling up and provides perfect strength during manipulation with the bed. Its ease of use allows quick removal for immediate resuscitation.


The bed can be equipped with an audible alarm which will warn the personnel about a disengaged brake while the bed is connected to the mains. Signalling serves as a preventive protection against damaging the bed by ripping the power cable off.


Option to choose variety of colours and motifs of infills.


Safe handling of the bed is ensured by a centrally controlled brake. Easy operation by footnpedals accessible from each corner of the bed allows immediate braking. Bed could be equippted with 5th wheel for easy driving.


Solid and stable construction with the weight capacity up to 300 kg make safe support even for patients with higher body weight. Thanks to the used materials and technologies is ensured long lifetime even when operating with increased load repeatedly.


The innovated nurse control panel with LCD display provides comfortable and safe operation of the bed in every situation. The combination of basic positioning functions, special one-touch functions and LCD display ensures immediate and accurate adjustment of the bed to the required position. Integrated colour graphic display offers clear overview of the current status for all control and positioning functions, alert signalization and warning alarms. The controller is also enhanced by the automatic weighing system with a simple setup of weighing modes, evaluation of measured values and display of results in form of graphs.


Electrical control of length extension provides easy setting of optimal mattress platform length. The extension up to 20 cm brings comfort to taller patients.


Protection of the patient on the bed is provided by divided folding side rails with easy intuitive operation. Robust mechanisms guarantee high strength and superior lifetime of the side rails. For the event of uncontrolled drop they are equipped with shock absorbers. Thanks to the movement of the back part side railsat head part together with the back part of the mattress platform a maximum protection of the patient in all positions is guaranteed. In the lowest position, the folded side rails are kept sufficiently below the level of the mattress and shall not restrict the patient when getting off.


The combination of double-sided lateral tilt and intelligent nurse control panel with LCD display brings entirely new configuration options and the use of lateral rotation therapy. This therapy is especially beneficial for patients with high probability of developing postoperative respiratory complications and patients at high risk of developing pressure sores. Nursing staff will appreciate the ability to easily setup individual parameters of the chosen therapy.


The bed can be equipped with a foot controller with electronic protection against accidental activation. Standard controls like the mattress platform lift, lateral tilt, examination position and resuscitation position are accompanied by a safety activation button located on the underside of the foot controller. In case that patient falls on the foot controller no unintentional positioning will happen.


An automatic receding of the back and femoral part from the pelvic part during adjusting significantly reduces the effect of shear force and pressure on the patient which are the main cause of pressure sores - decubituses. Double autoregression gives patients greater comfort and reduces negative feelings that commonly arises when adjusting a bed without this feature.


Lift mechanism allows positioning of the patient into Trendelenburg and Antitrendelenburg position with minimal effort and physical exertion. Electric adjusting of the mattress platform into these positions reduces the burden on nursing staff and saves time for the performance of routine activities.


Double-sided lateral tilt significantly reduces the physical effort of nursing staff in daily patient care, especially when turning the patient, performing his hygiene and changing bed linen. A maximum patient safety is ensured by raised protective side rails. The nursing staff will appreciate the lateral tilt in combination with a foot control. When adjusting the mattress platform by the foot control the nursing staff have both hands free.


Mobilization handle in combination with get out function significantly simplifies getting out of the bed. One touch get out function helps the patient to get into a sitting position and then using special combination of movements of the mattress platform assists him to the upright position. During this positioning, the patient supports himself by the integrated side rail handle and by mobilization handle.


Lifting of the mattress platform is provided by three electric columns which firmly connect the undercarriage with the mattress platform and ensure its extreme stability and load capacity. Resilient and non-absorbent materials make cleaning easier and reduce the time required for these activities.


By using a mechanical foot pedal in the middle of the undercarriage a 5th wheel can be activated. This greatly facilitates steering of the bed during transportation. This function is convenient for frequent long distance transportation.


VISION bed is designed for resuscitation departments and specialized intensive care units where the ability to perform X-ray examination of patients on the bed is desired. The design of the mattress platform allows continuous screening by C-arm or conventional X-ray screening with X-ray cassettes. The inovative system of the holder allows easy access from the side of the bed without needs of back part moving. The holder can be also set to desired position under the patient.

Parameter name VI-51-H10 VI-51-H20 / VI-51-H25 VI-51-H30 / VI-51-H35
Inquire product variant: VI-51-H10 VI-51-H20 / VI-51-H25 VI-51-H30 / VI-51-H35
Mattress platform width 90cm 90 / 85cm 90 / 85cm
mattress platform HPL (X-ray compatible) HPL (X-ray compatible) HPL (X-ray compatible)
Back part adjusting electrical electrical electrical
Femoral part adjusting electrical electrical electrical
Calf part adjusting electrical mechanical mechanical
Head and foot boards type R3 type R3 type R3
Side rails type ZPM4 type ZPM4 type ZPM4
Nurse control panel with LCD with LCD without LCD
Patient controller Built in side rails Built in side rails Built in side rails
Get out function button YES NO NO
Handles for easy exit YES NO NO
Foot control panel YES YES NO
backup battery YES YES YES
Double autoregression YES YES YES
CPR mechanical YES YES YES
Lateral tilt YES YES NO
Scale system with "bed exit alarm" YES YES NO
Signalization of unbraked wheels YES YES NO
Undercarriage backlight YES NO NO
Lateral tilting therapy YES NO NO
Lenght extension electrical (20cm) mechanical (20cm) mechanical (20cm)
Adjustable X-ray cassette holder YES NO NO
Back part X-ray cassette holder YES YES YES
Linen holder YES YES YES
Universal accessories holder 4x 4x 4x
Undercarriage plastic cover YES YES YES
Stainless steel bars for accessories YES YES YES
Wheels 150mm double plastic 150mm double plastic 150mm double plastic
Fifth wheel YES YES NO
Central brake 4x pedals steel bar steel bar

Painted parts sampler

RAL 9016
RAL 6018
RAL 5015
RAL 4008
RAL 4010
RAL 3020
RAL 2003
RAL 1018
RAL 9006
RAL 7035
RAL 1019
RAL 1015
RAL 9001
RAL 6024

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