PLX - Verticalization bed

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PLX bed is designed for special hospital and rehabilitation departments with the requirement for verticalization of patient area. It is equipped with electric positioning of the back and femoral part. Electric height adjustment is complemented by electrical function of Antitrendelenburg and the possibility of patient verticalization up to 80°. By combination of several functions the cardiac chair position can also be achieved. Bed is equipped with safety belts system that protect patient of fall during verticalization. Other advantages are the system of pressure ulcers risk prevention wide range of bed accessories and the option of colour design of head and foot boards. Bed fully complies with European standards IEC 60601-2-52: 2010.

Main benefits of patient early mobilization

- Quick recovery
- Reduction of pressure ulcers risk
- Prevention of muscle atrophy
- Prevention of osteoporosis
- Improvement of circulatory functions
- Improvement of patient vigilance

Parameter name
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Patient area dimensions (L x W) 200 x 90 cm
Overall dimensions (L x W) 213 x 103 cm
Height adjustment 46 - 86 cm
Safe working load 200 kg
Antitrendelenburg (verticalization) 80°
Autoregression of back part 12 cm
Autoregression of femoral part 6 cm
Angle of back, femoral and calf part 73°, 40°, 25°
Type of patient area steel plates
Bed heads type type C
Side rails Steel, foldable, removable
Patient hand control YES
Universal accessories holders 2x (at patient head)
Plastic undercarriage cover YES
Wheels 125 mm
Central brake YES

HPL and laminate sampler


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