Revolutionary antimicrobial surface protection


SmartCoat is a revolutionary method of transfer of antimicrobial effects on surface areas, without health risks to humans, animals, wildlife, plants and without dangerous effects on the environment. It acts as a physical disinfection thanks to the influence of light during the so called photocatalytic mineralization. After the impact of light energy on the treated surface, continuous reactions occur on the surface and in its immediate vicinity which efficiently decompose all organic substances such as bacteria, viruses, mould, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and others. A new and distinct concept of treatment of interiors works seamlessly and maintenance-free as an air purifier and has sterilizing effects.



SmartCoat Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) is applied by a special spraying technology thanks to which it can be applied to any type of surface such as walls, ceilings, curtains, cupboards, sofas, fabrics, carpets, ceramics, just about anywhere. Even to a specific surface of dioptric glasses which require the highest transparency it can be quite commonly applied. All of that is possible because the TiO2 is in a form of very fine particles (2-3nm), which on hard surfaces create a monolithic transparent film. Once this nanofilm crystallizes, it achieves hardness and scratch resistance of 4H. To get an idea, automotive paint has a hardness of 2H. In the case of soft surfaces such as fabrics, SmartCoat covers each fiber of such surface. Application of SmartCoat to hard surfaces creates a micro-layer, whereas to soft surfaces such as fabrics, it wraps each fibre and penetrates inside these surfaces. The carrier medium evaporates immediately and within a few moments fully functional layer with 4H resistance on hard surfaces is formed. This EcoAktiv photocatalytic layer is immediately fully functional, any source of light radiation is sufficient for immediate full utilization of its capacity. Upon contact with light (e.g. standard fluorescent light, sunlight or even heat) there is a launch of photocatalytic reactions on the SmartCoat layer. Due to this activation, strong reactants are created which subsequently decompose any organic substances that either come into direct contact with the applied surface, or are located in its vicinity. These organic compounds include bacteria, viruses, fungi, VOC (volatile organic compounds), microparticles of dust and more.






Advantages of SmartCoat application

  • Limitation of occurrence of bacteria, viruses and mould.
  • Elimination of odor and smoke..
  • The decomposition of volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • Ionization of air indoors.
  • SEasy maintenance of the treated surfaces.
  • Reduction of financial and time demands for cleaning.
  • Protection of treated surfaces from degradation and environmental effects


Safety TiO2

The use of titanium dioxide as a photocatalyst is both physically and chemically safe. In the USA the titanium dioxide was certified as an additional food substance already in 1968, in Japan then in 1983. Today it is quite commonly used in a wide range of products, such as white chocolate or functional cosmetics such as lipsticks, sunscreens, toothpastes, etc. Specialized laboratories - "The Food Analysis Center of Japan, Food Research Laboratories and Mitsubishi Chemical Safety Institute Ltd." clearly demonstrated by a number of simulation tests the safety of this element in the fields of dermatologic conditions or acute oral toxicity.


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