We are going to 120%, also thanks to YOU…


… Thank YOU, our employees. That's why we can "arm the first line" if necessary and help with a possible shortage of beds.

COVID-19 afflicts the whole world, which is why we are driving at 120%. Foreign markets, where we supply our products, do not underestimate the situation and order ICU beds in particular, but beds for regular hospital (i.e. aftercare) are no exception. In addition, the safety and health of our employees is important to us. The management of the company is not indifferent or minimal symptoms of any virus.

"Our employees can pull on one rope and work if needed. We really appreciate their work and commitment. Therefore, we decided to thank them and at the same time protect their immune system. We have prepared vitamin packages for them," said the company's CEO Radek Jakubský.

For the family company PROMA REHA the safety and health of employees come first. Therefore it was necessary to provide sufficient protective equipment. At the same time, employees who are not necessary for direct production have been working from home since this week. The company strives to retain enough employees who are able to work. Therefore it tries to fill new employees, especially workers' positions, so as not to collapse in the event of increased illness.

"We are looking for capable workers both in the vicinity of our production plant and in Poland, i.e. in municipalities within driving distance," added Jakubský.


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