The first 584 beds in Brno hospital in record time!


The delivery of special PROMA REHA hospital beds is already at the customer who is reconstructed Univesity Hospital in Brno.
Of course, this was done on the basis of a win in an unusually demanding tender, including detailed in-service testing. In addition, 584 beds were delivered in just 10 weeks, the remaining 547 would follow as required by the client.

Our specialty is the chosen technology that allows industrial cleaning and disinfection of beds in an automatic washing machine, a trend in advanced healthcare in developed countries. An advantage is also adherence to demanding price limits that could not be met by a standard stainless steel product.
All the beds will be replaced by this mentioned technology in Brno University Hospital.
Part of the innovation is also the RFID chip, which serves to maintain a precise overview of the location and technical condition of the bed, resp. the date of its regular technical inspection.

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