PROMA REHA offers mattresses with a unique system


Proma Reha, thanks to cooperation with a specialist in intensive care, offers mattresses with a unique system.

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Česká Skalice - leading Czech manufacturer of medical equipment PROMA REHA, Ltd. established a partnership with ZMF Medical Ltd., which is an authorized representative of one of the most significant manufacturers of active anti-decubitus mattresses in Europe, a German company ADL® GmbH.

Thanks to that, PROMA REHA expands its range of anti-decubitus mattresses and brings patented hybrid air-foam mattress system arsos® not only on their beds, but also for free distribution. The system combines the best features of a passive mattress with the prevention of bedsores up to stage II. and active mattress up to stage IV. according to the scale by EPUAP (European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel).

It is beneficial to the patients, for example, by optimal weight distribution of the patient thanks to flat cells, maximum safe load up to 250 kg, use of the mattress in a passive mode, a rare mattress height of just 12 cm, and these are just some selected features of this unique system.

PROMA REHA by expanding its product range with mattresses with this unique system increases the level of intensive care for patients who suffer from bedsores. This cooperation with one of the leading manufacturers of active anti-decubitus mattresses in Europe, the company sees as a significant step forward in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.

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