PROMA REHA has set the right direction!


The year 2020 is a turning point for PROMA REHA, mainly due to the events that changed the lives of many people this year. The coronavirus crisis has slowed and changed the world at the same time. What was true yesterday is not true today…

Even the imaginary ship of the PROMA REHA company, which from the very beginning sailed through stormy waters under the leadership of helmsman Zdeněk Jakubský, who handed the helm over to his son this year (2020) which indicated that it was time to take a new direction in a changing world. We were preparing for the worst at a time when coronavirus was only being talked about in Europe. It was necessary to change the business plan, the way of communication with clients and at the same time not leaving things as they are but to adapt during the pandemic and constantly look for new technological possibilities.

Thanks to this, the first half of this year was the most successful in the company's history, despite many government measures during the global pandemic. The numbers surpassed last year's year-round turnover in the first half of the year indicating that PROMA REHA has gone in the right direction.

And so Radek Jakubský, the current helmsman, continues to invest in technology, equipment, but also in the development of the company. In the year when this family-owned company produces one bed after another in order to satisfy its customers, technological innovations are being prepared at the same time, which will provide comfort for both patients and medical staff.

As we grow, we create better conditions for you.

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