PROMA REHA beds in Polish successful TV series


Polish TV station has broadcasted several episodes of Polish successful TV series of “Prawo Agaty”.

This TV series has featured hospital beds of PROMA REHA.  TV series authors used them in recording of scene with one of main character bounded to bed.

It is bed of Trend 2C and Trend ICU which find its use especially at standard and above-standard hospital units but also at intensive care units.

It is not the first time when authors of TV series or films have used PROMA REHA products in their scenes. The products have been used for example in the Czech films such as “Chyťte doktora” or “Tady hlídám já” of 2012. Transportation trolley URGENT of PROMA REHA also shone in well-known film of “Mission Impossible IV” where it served for transport of Tom Cruis, the mean character.

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