PROMA REHA and its success in Hungary



The State Medical and Supply Center (Állami Egészségügyi Ellátó Központ) supplies 1,586 PLH beds from the Czech company PROMA REHA 2 to large university hospitals and 49 hospitals in Hungary.

These beds are equipped with complete accessories (Lifting pole handle, lifting pole, infusion stand and pheasant holder and bins).


It is the result of a tender won by PROMA REHA. "This delivery is the most significant delivery abroad in the last quarter," says Radek Jakubský, CEO of the company. "At the same time, the most modern equipment with the highest quality comes to Hungary," he adds.

The most significant delivery was to the University Hospital in Szeged, where there were a total of 359 pieces, and just behind the University Hospital in Pécs, where 227 pieces were sent. The rest, ie more than 1,000, travel to 49 hospitals throughout Hungary. Therefore, regional hospitals will be equipped, but also smaller ones - city hospitals.

Delivery of the entire order to individual hospitals takes place throughout the summer and early autumn.

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