Professional media have an interest in the bariatric bed TITAN


Our unique bariatric bed TITAN is getting more and more attention of the professional public and media.

We greatly appreciate the offer of the editorial board of the Journal of Czech Physicians, published by the Czech Medical Association JE Purkyně, for the presentation of the bed TITAN. Publicity in the Journal of Czech Physicians will help to bring our for many reasons world unique bed to an even broader awareness of healthcare professionals. Our bed also had a contribution in Medical Papers

What is the uniqueness of the bed that also professional media are addressing it? This is the first bariatric bed in the world with load capacity up to 500 kilograms which is driven by 11 electric motors, is equipped with a weighing system and allows a graphic view of development of patient’s weight over time. Our company, by placing it on the market, reacted to the problems of the world's dramatically increasing number of overweight people. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), excess weight is considered to be worldwide fifth most important risk factor associated with premature mortality. That's why our team during the development of the bed thought of the needs and comfort of patients it serves, and also listened to the practical needs of the medical staff, who give care to these patients. TITAN series are therefore equipped with premium features which provide maximum comfort to lying patients and enable easier operation and handling to the healthcare professionals.

You can find both of the expert media posts HERE.

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