Modern beds for patients of University hospital Brno


PROMA REHA has completed a huge contract for UH Brno to which it has supplied a total of 1.423 beds of which: 184 electric beds for intensive care, 93 infant and children beds, 1.131 adjustable beds for standard care and 15 transport beds for central operating theaters.

"The change of beds for new and modern, began in the end of 2017, when we delivered beds for intensive care and beds for small children," said PROMA REHA CEO Radek Jakubský.

There was a total replacement of the beds in all three hospitals: the Children's Hospital, the Bohunice hospital, and the Maternity Hospital. The last bed of our company was ceremonially delivered to the hospital on December 4, 2018, with the participation of Deputy Director of the non-medical health workers Mgr. Erny Mičudová.
"The new beds will increase the comfort and safety of patients. They are much more handy and mobile. I believe that they will be appreciated by patients and hospital staff,“ added Radek Jakubsky.

PHOTO (source): FN BRNO

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