Examination couch helps young sportsmen


With great pleasure, on Friday 30 May 2014, Radek Jakubský, CEO handed over an examination couch Eleva to Náchod football club. The couch made by PROMA REHA was handed over to the club in the nursing home Marie in Náchod.

Why was the examination couch for FC Náchod handed over in the nursing home? Young footballers with participation of social workers have been involved in leisure activities for seniors. They have been spending their free time with them, familiarizing them with the work on the computer. This young footballers’ effort was greatly appreciated by the CEO of PROMA REHA Radek Jakubský and so he decided to devote an examination couch Eleva, which will help the renewal and refurnishing of locker rooms in FC Náchod.

The handover was also attended by the Mayor of Náchod Jan Birke, together with the Director of Marie, the municipal social services centre, Jaromír Vejrych, social worker Ivana Coufalová, residents of the nursing home and executive officer of FC Náchod Milan Vik accompanied by youth head coach Jaroslav Panenka and four young footballers from the junior league.

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