English Queen Elizabeth christened unique bed of the PROMA REHA company


Just today Česká Skalice was visited by special guest. Doppelganger of Queen Elizabeth II.

Mary Reynolds, a real name of the lady, is popular around the world and in the Britain is literally a celebrity. She represents the real ruler more than twenty years and she is the absolute best in this field.

"Queen Mary" recieved an invitation to visit PROMA REHA and she also christened unique bariatric bed here. The company developed this bed in cooperation with the OB clinic that deals with the treatment and prevention of obesity and metabolic diseases. Bariatric bed TITAN is a novelty in the production program of the company PROMA REHA and thanks to its special features belongs among uniques in the world. As the only one in the world is equipped with lateral tilt at 500 kg capacity.

PROMA REHA company is a Czech producer of medical equipment that you may see in hospitals and care facilities not only in the Czech Republic but also in more than 50 countries around the world where products of the company are successfully supplied for many years.

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