25 years for you!


PROMA REHA celebrates 25 years since its founding. Since 1990, we produce quality products that help people around the world. At the birth of the company there was the owner of the company, Mr. Zdeněk Jakubský, along with three colleagues. In a small workshop in Česká Skalice they started to produce the first walking assistants. At that time they could not even imagine, in what proportions the company could grow and how broad portfolio of products it could offer. Thanks to the hard work and enthusiasm the impossible became reality.

PROMA REHA currently employs over 200 skilled workers and sells products in more than 50 countries worldwide. It has its own development department, which already during product development actively cooperates with health professionals and leading experts. Therefore, all products meet the most demanding requirements of modern medicine, facilitate the work of medical personnel and increase comfort for patients.

On the occasion of this important jubilee, several celebration meetings were held - with employees, business partners and customers. To all involved we would like to take this opportunity to thank. We are looking forward to another cooperation. 



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