The history goes back to early 1990 when production started in the building of headquarters in Česká Skalice. The first product intended for the health sector was walker assistant U-1 in 1991. After several development modifications, it is still in our product range today.


Adjustable beds

Adjustable beds became the main production program for nursing and hospital sector in 1992.

Period of dynamic development of production for health began to unfold in 1995, when our company was transformed into a company with limited liability. Range of beds and other commodities such as beds, bedside tables, mattresses, bathroom program, etc. was greatly expanded in this period./p>

In 2000, the dynamic growth of the company started, which still annually reaches tens of percent. We have gradually expanded range of products for each specific fields. In this period, the number of employees was between 20 and 25, however, this number is around 85 employees and dozens of external partners and suppliers today.

Management Systems ISO

Management and individual processes in the company were improved together with the technical, functional design and development of products and processes. For these reasons were gradually introduced quality management system according to standards EN ISO 9001:2000 and subsequently the EN ISO 14001:2004. Environmental performance of products refined continuously and this process was finished in 2005 by obtaining permission use eco Environmentally Friendly Product No. 12-25 and its associated brands "Česká kvalita" (Czech quality). In 2005, our company was placed into a group that is authorized to use the protected mark "Český výrobek" (Czech product).

Our products are certified continuously by authorized persons and their faultless utility and functional properties are supported by certificates from these authorized persons. All our products meet all requirements of the applicable Czech and European standards and are the subject of a declaration of conformity. Number of foreign buyers from most of the countries of European Union, where we have our direct or indirect representation, put their trust in our products.

Our company attaches great importance to the development of products based on our own inventions. Alongside this, we do our best to improve our products thanks to customers´ experiences and suggestions. In case of interest, we are ready to satisfy the specific wishes and requirements of our customers.



  • foundation of the company


  • first product for health sector - walker assistant U-1
  • first electrically adjustable bed in post-communist Europe


  • first in the CZ we certified our beds in the SZÚ Brno


  • we entered into an agreement with the VZP for full payment of our products


  • began the second phase of building the company, the expansion of the development department, preparing products for new markets, strengthening of sales department


  • modular bed platform allowing a wide configurability launched


  • we achieved certification of quality management system according to ISO 9001
  • we became a leader of Czech market in nursing care


  • we extended our company certifications with ISO 14001
  • first in the CZ we certified our care beds under the new standard EN 1970
  • we have acquired the right to use the mark "Ekologický šetrný výrobek" (Environmentally Friendly Product) and "Česká kvalita" (Czech Quality)


  • we have developed and launched on the market a comprehensive range of modern beds: TRITON, CALYPSO, APOLLO, HESTIA
  • we purchased and reconstructed a new Company Head Office


  • we purchased, renovated and recently we fitted a new manufacturing plant in Mezimesti - capacity of 70.000 beds per year, the production area exceeding 20.000 m2
  • we extended our company certifications with ISO 13485
  • first in the CZ we achieve certification under the new version of OHSAS 18001
  • we attended the fair HOSPIMEDICA and REHAPROTEX in Brno for the tenth time already
  • we attended the world's largest trade fair MEDICA in Duesseldorf for the first time


  • development and implementation of the transportation trolley ROBOSTRETCHER
  • beginning in production of complete stainless steel beds and bedside cabinets
  • former president Vaclav Havel using our beds


  • beginning of the new product line - bariatric products
  • beginning of cooperation with the Czech Technical University in Prague (ČVUT)


  • wraiths of Queen Elizabeth II. visited us and christened our unique bariatric bed TITAN
  • we have invested in new production technologies - CNC machining center, automatic welding robot
  • we presented a new series of hospital beds VISION and INVENT in the fair trade MEDICA 2013


  • cooperation with the producer stretchers, examination couches and chairs PROMOTAL
  • cooperation with the German company ADL® GmbH, producer of active anti-decubitus mattress
  • we presented an easily foldable bed ABE and unique bed with integrated wc unit at Medica 2014
  • we are the winners in the project Visionaries 2014
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